Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.  –Chinese Proverb

Workshop Descriptions



Superhero and Hero Play (MNCPD)
We live in interesting times, in which real-life heroes share the spotlight with superheroes. Learn how to help young kids understand the difference, and how to support development of the hero in every child. Time for Q&A, sharing, small group, and discussion of children’s books will be included.

That’s a Family! (MNCPD)
Families come in many shapes and sizes, and there is a great picture book or two about nearly every one. Come explore family and family relationships, and learn about fostering understanding and acceptance of the great diversity of family in preschool and early school-aged kids through play and reading. Time for small group children’s book discussion, Q & A, and sharing will be included.

Newest Global Kids: Embracing Diversity with Picture Books and Activities (MNCPD)
Prepare children to become successful, happy global citizens who will help build a more peaceful world. Recognize how to engage children and guide them towards global diversity and acceptance through reading, talking and playing. Explore a variety of picture books and activities and learn how to incorporate them into the learning environment.

Language Schmanguage: Fun with Words, Poetry and Rhyme (MNCPD)
Come explore the fantastic world of rhyme and poetry, and find out just how fun fostering speech and language development with young children can be. See how reading and play can help small speakers learn the joy, wonder, and love of language.

Specially for Child Care Providers Girl Holding Plant

I am Good at What I Do: Recognizing and Believing in the Importance of Raising and Caring for Children (MNCPD)
Raising and caring for children is important work—do you believe it? Do you acknowledge your strengths and talents, and the gifts you bring to the children in your life? You take care of everyone else, it seems—who takes care of you? Discuss the challenges to feeling good about your work and parenting, and discover new ideas for taking care of yourself, and how that helps the kids in your life.

Workshop Presenter

SBphoto06Shelley Butler is an approved trainer on the Minnesota Center for Professional Development Registry (MNCPD). She has been presenting workshops on early childhood topics and children’s literature since 2010 to parent groups, child care associations, child care centers, conferences, and early childhood educators and administrators. Co-author of the award-winning book on early childhood, The Field Guide to Parenting, she also writes children’s book review and on topics in early childhood. Her background and experience in library and information science is the perfect complement to her passion for children’s literature.

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