Questions–Kids Have ‘Em, Can you Answer Them?

 Questions–Kids Have ‘Em, Can you Answer Them?

Lila Prap is one of my favorite picture book authors/illustrators for nonfiction picture books. I hope I am preaching to the choir, but a great nonfiction picture book is as good, compelling, interesting and fun to kids as a storybook, and Lila Prap  proved the point with her first book Why? and now again with cat whys?

Each 2-page spread contains a questions, such as,”Why do cats purr?” A large and fun illustration accompanies each question as well as one or more possible (made-up) answers and this is where the fun comes in. Cats purr because they are growling in their sleep or perhaps because they have a built-in fan to keep them cool. Under the fun answers, a short, true answer is given.

So, if you have kids in your life, Ms Prap’s books serve three functions: 1)They are fun,  2)They do not require any pre-knowledge by adults and are informative in a non-textbook way, and 3) They invite kids to ask questions–a very important skill to have throughout a lifetime.

3 Replies to “Questions–Kids Have ‘Em, Can you Answer Them?”

  1. Yes I love this. I recently read a book that emphasised the need for parents (and other adult figures) to ask questions to their children and encourage the asking of questions in the home – it helps you think more inquisitively which is something all children should have the opportunity to satisfy.


    1. Do you remember the name of the book? It sounds good. Encouraging kids to ask questions also helps them learn to be critical thinkers, too, but yes, in the early years we certainly want to encourage that love of learning about the world. Thanks for the comment.

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