The Amazing Emily

Do you ever get up on a seemingly normal day thinking you know exactly what is going to happen only to discover by the end of it that your life has changed in some significant way? So, I showed up early to teach my adult ed class on children’s literature, got myself all ready, my materials and books laid out, handout ready to hand out, and shrugged off the technical glitch that didn’t allow me to hook my iPad up to the projector (it actually told me to unplug it). Anyway, people came in and we started talking. One of the people was a mom who had lost her baby to SIDS a few years ago. She was calm and amazingly graceful as she told us about her daughter Mya and the book she had written for her son and for other families going through the same thing. I tried to read the book, She’s with the Angels, aloud to the class but didn’t much make it past the first page without trouble, so Emily offered to read it to us herself. With more balance and equilibrium than I have on a typical day, she read us her beautiful book. Life has new meaning now. I almost never review self-published books but this one is special and worth all the attention we can give it. Please click here to read about She’s with the Angels.

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